img-frontWith any building work, it pays to prepare, plan, build, test, finish and support. Websites are tools. They tell people what they want to now about you, about your products and services and sometimes enable you to sell those products and services on line. The website development process needs to be applied to all projects no matter how big or small. If every step is followed and if all parties work together to build a comprehensive picture of what is required, how it is going to be done and how much it is likely to cost, the chances of your designers and developers delivering the result you saw in your mind’s eye are very much enhaced. With the help of the following images, we are going to explain the tried and tested website development process we follow in Profitengineers.

Process -1: Discussion

img1Naturally, we will always want to start a project with an informal client discussion. Clients can not be expected to know about all the latest technology and the overwhelming amount of choice. It is certainly the case that many clients don’t actually know what they want their website to do for them and they certainly rarely know what functionality they need. At the meeting we try to establish the basic scope of the work – what needs to be done, roles and responsibilities, who is our point of contact for materials (text content, images) etc. In this meeting, we will also give the client an overview of how we work, potential costs and likely time frames for completing the project. Prior to the meeting, we ask the client to take an hour or so out of their busy schedule and write down in note form, an idea of what they are doing now, what they think a web site will help them with and to come up with some examples of the sites they like the look of and why and also what their competition might be doing with their websites