present-to-clientThis is when the real fun begins. We have used every bit of information we gathered and produced the first draft site on our test bed. We are all very happy with it back in the office and we are holding our breaths as we sit in front of the client who is browsing through the draft site. We are confident we have done all the leg work to enable us to get the look and feel right and that the navigation is what was expected. We are longing for the client’s feed back and wondering what bits need changing or amending. Remember our policy? We work together with the client – work-feedback-rework – to polish and tweak things until the client feels we have a completed site according to the client’s requirements. There is always something that needs to be dealt with. If nothing else, almost all clients start reducing/increasing the quantity of text, enquire about additional functionality and so on. Delighted to take all that on board, we get back to the office and make all the required changes.