1. Take a few minutes out and jot down what you require
  2. Make sure you have time, peace and quiet to complete the requirements form (“Request a Quote” form linked below)
  3. Complete the form in as much detail as possible (although it can be reviewed over and over again, it forms the basis of your project)
  4. We will assign an account manager to you who will be your main point of contact throughout the project and beyond
  5. The account manager will contact you and conduct a full and detailed requirement analysis
  6. We will send you a contract specifying what we have agreed including the project details

  7. You review the contract and when satisfied, return the contract and initial payment.
  8. We schedule the project
  9. We start on the Design & Development on the agreed date
  10. We send you a link to the test site and you make comments, request changes and amendments within the context of the Requirement Schedule.
  11. We make all changes and when you are satisfied, we upload to the production servers and request your final sign off
  12. We invoice for the remaining fees and go live on your designated date.

Team Approach

As a Profitengineers client, you will become a member of the senior development team assigned to your project. You will help guide the creative and development processes. Your feedback will ensure that the project deliverables meet the requirements in your contract.

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